Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Charm & Chain: My new lust obsession

While less-is-more is my unofficial motto of the year, the exception to this is jewelry. I want to buy and wear more jewelry in my everyday life. Not bank-braking expensive pieces...just fun, beautiful, make me smile all day pieces of any price. JCrew is usually my go-to spot for drool worthy gems....that was until I found my new obsession: Charm & Chain

Tons of cool designers, and you can narrow your search by price range-which includes pieces in the $30 range all the way up to the just window-shopping range. Plus they have a pretty cool blog.

Just go ahead and try to keep the drool off of your keyboard:


  1. Great find, girl! I love their jewelry, especially their chunky gold link necklace. Inexpensive too, woot woot!!!

  2. Ohhh this stuff is so tempting. Love love love the pearl necklace!!!