Monday, February 22, 2010

I'm a slave to supply and demand

I love them, even if it's just because Oprah tells me I'm supposed to.

Why, oh why are they completely sold out everywhere?
I resorted to ebay tonight.

Image :: here

Friday, February 19, 2010


The postal service has been a little delayed here because of the massive snowstorms we've had in the last few weeks. They're getting themselves back on track and yesterday I came home to find a backlog of magazines in my box. 4 magazines in 1 day! What a lucky girl I am this weekend. If you need me, I'll be on the couch.

Thursday, February 18, 2010

Thursday Tabletop: I Heart Simple Dinners

With menus made of kraft paper...

(via SmittenDesign)

And I would serve this...

and this....

with these on the table...

and we would be drinking this...

Out of these...

Yes, I heart you simple dinners

Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Charm & Chain: My new lust obsession

While less-is-more is my unofficial motto of the year, the exception to this is jewelry. I want to buy and wear more jewelry in my everyday life. Not bank-braking expensive pieces...just fun, beautiful, make me smile all day pieces of any price. JCrew is usually my go-to spot for drool worthy gems....that was until I found my new obsession: Charm & Chain

Tons of cool designers, and you can narrow your search by price range-which includes pieces in the $30 range all the way up to the just window-shopping range. Plus they have a pretty cool blog.

Just go ahead and try to keep the drool off of your keyboard:

Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Home Peak: Shelter

Shelter is one of my absolutely favorite morning reads and I was ecstatic to see that Julie posted some photos of her own home yesterday. Julie never ceases to amaze me with her inspiring posts and images. She's one of those woman that you want to be best friends with and also secretly wish you could follow and around take copious notes about her style (crazy stalker, no-not me!). Go check out the pics of her Shelter, I promise you'll end up reading every post she has.

Monday, February 15, 2010

Be My Valentine?

Last night I spent a wonderful Valentine's Dinner with some very special friends.

Nothing says love like these tech-savvy little cakes...

Bistro Chairs with Extra Foam, Please

I'm pretty sure that if I had some charming french bistro chairs in my kitchen, it would be like having coffee at a street cafe everyday...

...Skim Chai, extra foam please!

(Images: Ashley Whitaker, Domino, Domino, House Beautiful, Katie Lee Joel's Kitchen in Domino, Via Shelter)

Thursday, February 11, 2010

Organizing Digital Images

It's official...6 days in my house because of the snowstorms has made me Stir-Crazy!! But on the bright side, it has given me a lot of extra time to "get around" to all those projects you think about a lot but never actually do.

Project for Today: Organizing my Digital Images

I'm sure many of your are just like me, with hundred and hundreds of digital images floating around your life, all that you would ideally like to be organized and tagged for easy searching when you're looking for specific inspiration.

My current system has been good. It consists of a series of folders saved on my hard drive (and back-up with my personal photos) that are organized by type. Bedrooms, Bathrooms, Entryways, etc.

But I've encountered 2 problems: 1) I find images everywhere and am less than stellar about consistently saving them when I'm out at about (or working on other computers) and sorting them when I get home. and 2) There are A LOT of images in general and are basically just cumbersome to sort through when I'm looking for something. Search-able tags would save my life.

I came across Evernote through a random blog link somewhere and have been considering trying it out, but putting everything over to a cyber site kind of scares me (irrational, since my entire life is ruled by Gmail and Facebook-both not backed up). It's free, searchable, seems user friendly.
But I'm scccaaarrred....does anyone use this or something similar??How does everyone else keep their digital inspirations streamlined and organized?
Enlighten me people...I have a lot of time to kill today.

(Images: Decor8, Alkemie, Lindsay Harper)

Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Stir Crazy Reading: New Issue of Lonny!

It's been snowing here in D.C. for nearly 6 days straight. We're under our 2nd Blizzard warning for the weak, shoveled more snow than they have in the arctic tundra... AND...I waited in line at the grocery store for an hour+ last night because the fridge was down to the last diet coke. In a nutshell, we're sick...sick and tired of all this snow.

That's why the new Lonny issue in my inbox this morning was a bright shiny beacon of hope for something great to read during my stir crazy day.

Can I tell you how madly in love with these stripes I am. The soft contrasting grays (or gray and white, I can't tell on my screen) are neutral but still graphic. Even though they've only been in my life for the last, um...36 minutes since I saw them, I don't think I can live without them.

Go Away Snow!

Monday, February 8, 2010

Digging Out D.C.

Have you heard??? It snowed a little bit here in Washington, D.C.
Snowmageddon, Snowpocolyes, was a lot of snow.

So while you're soaking up your sun in Miami and lounging around in LA,
We'll be here...Digging Out!
Happy Snow Day D.C.!

(Image Credit: Nathalie Rothert)