Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Thursday Tabletop: Cheery Dining Room of the Day

This cheery, graphic dining room makes me smile this morning. Black and white base, punctuated with bright color accents...how could you not want to sit and gather here for a meal. When I started this post, I know I had the photo credit, but now it escapes me....Jonathan Adler?? Anyone know?

And P.S.-This would be a great room to recreate on a modest budget. 1 splurge (the table) and some less expensive accents and you'd be all set. See:

Design Within Reach Table: 2,800
For an even cheaper option--source a round sculptural table from a flea market
West Elm Rug: Between $200 and $400 depending on size

Ebay Chairs: Buy it now price $299 for 6!
Seriously, someone please buy these and let me come visit them.
A little yellow paint and some new fabric and these babies would be stellar.
And fill it in with some inexpensive pops of color. Ikea Vase $3.99


  1. Those chairs are almost identical to my dining room chairs! Repost the photos of our chair makeover!

  2. I know, Nathalie--that's why I originally saved this image in the first place, as a yellow chair inspiration

  3. eBay auction over -- the chairs didn't sell. The chairs are in FL...someone local could prob pick them up cheaper. I was thinking deep red chinese lacquer with graphite/white pattern upholstery.

  4. The yellows chair are what really caught my eye. I wish I had something like that in my home.

    -Zane of ontario honey