Friday, January 8, 2010

Stop and Smell the Roses...and hide out from the cold!

Last weekend I bundled up and trekked over to the U.S. Botanical Gardens to check out the holiday decorations that the entire city seemed to be raving about. Thankfully for me, they leave their decorations up after the holiday (all the way through this Saturday. I highly recommend a visit--it's warm and toasty in there!). I've been to the gardens before, but I was even more impressed this time around:
Each year they display all the monumental building in Washington made out of botanical components. How cool is that--they were even more amazing up close.
This sign made me smile...
and this one made me think of Beth....
Supreme CourtMy little 'hood...made out of sticks and stones. I for sure looked like a 20-something child standing next to this, pointing and exclaiming "I live there!"
U.S. Capitol
National Museum of the American Indian--I'm not sure they did this one justice. I had to read the sign before I saw it.
And did I mention it's nicely warm and balmy in there. Perfect for the sub-zero weekend we're about to have. (ok, my parents would be ashamed of my Midwest's really 27 degrees out currently)

Bo Obama's stomping groundHow low do your bananas grow?
Jefferson MemorialSmithsonian Castle Museum
Washington Memorial

And the best part about D.C...The Botanical Gardens are Free!