Monday, January 25, 2010

'I Do' in the details

I've always thought that brides who chose to get married during the winter were slightly delusional. Frigid temperatures, threats of blizzards and the possibility of slipping and falling on my hundred dollar up-do are not my cup of piping hot tea.

But I'm eating my words this morning after attending a spectacular winter-chic wedding over the weekend. The dramatic lighting, silvery accents and dark color scheme almost have me ready to declare myself a winter wedding kind of girl.

Silver branches strung with hanging candles and icicles gave a interesting contrast to tall floral arrangements on other tables.

The dramatic lighting and all white flowers made for a stunning contrast with the dark scheme.

A little hard to see in my picture, but those packages wrapped in black and sealed with the couples' stamp-They're actually mini loaves of apple-cinnamon bread baked by the Bride's mother for a yummy morning after favor treat.

An old school declaration of love on the card box, handmade by the bride

Julia and Chris (Off to the islands for a honeymoon-some things just always should be tropical!)

Julia blogged about her entire experience over at District Weddings. Go check out some of her posts for some great tips and details about how she pulled off this great event:

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