Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Hump Day, Chump Day

This morning I woke up and thought it was Thursday, when it was really Wednesday. So much so that I even hauled my trash can to the street before looking around a realizing that mine was the only trash can out. I even thought to myself 'Ha! looks like I'm the most on top of it neighbor on the block today!'...then I felt not only disappointed at how far from Friday I was, but just plain silly. I should have turned around and went back to bed right then.

BUT...I really would be the most on top of it neighbor on the block (or at least the chic-est) if I was returning to this bedroom. Bold brown stripes, all white linens, stack of magazines, non-neon blinking-cute-alarm clock...check, check, check, check. I'm in love.

Photo: Canadian House and Home Magazine


  1. Oh this room is simply stunning! I love the stripes as well. Hope your week finishes off on a high note!
    XX Kate

  2. I agree. There's just something about stripes and clean lines. It's almost like a hotel.

  3. Very chic, indeed. Have a great weekend!