Friday, January 22, 2010

Can't hide my puppy love

Life is good when you have these puppy loves to keep you warm at night...

A friend of a friend visited the house recently and a few days after her visit we received the most lovely thank you card with some of the best snapshots of Roxy and Boston that I've ever seen. I hadn't even known that she had taken any pictures of them while she was visiting. It was a great surprise to open the envelope and see their little faces. I've been dying to share these for a few weeks, but couldn't let'cat' out of the bag because I had them framed as a gift for my parents.

And probably not for lack of coincidence, lately I've been completely enthralled by the blog of local D.C. photographer Stephen Bobb of FidoJournalism. Beyond pets, Stephen Bobb Photography also does some amazing work on weddings, events, and portraits. But these 4-leggers really stole my heart.


  1. Your pups are beyond adorable! So thoughtful of your friend to snap those for you!

  2. I love your little guys! I have a puggle named Waldo who is 3 years old and I totally need to take him and get some professional photos taken. So cute!

  3. Thanks!

    Lyndsy-I bet Waldo is beyond adorable. Mine are about 3 as well and I still get stopped on the street and asked if they're puppies.

  4. So cute! Are they puggles?

    What a nice gift from a talented friend! I am obsessed with taking pictures of our spaniel. He has the cutest dog smile, despite his crazy Abe Vagoda eyebrows.