Sunday, January 31, 2010

Spotted and Snagged!

Could it be? As I wandered through HomeGoods I spotted a shiny little gem that looked a lot like the Jonathan Adler lamp I've been lusting after. At a fraction of the price...$39.99. I nearly fainted.

Friday, January 29, 2010

This is how I blog

Not so much science, or art or editorial genius, just gut instinct and where the wind blows me. Where I blog? Tucked under the covers...plate of Oreos optional...usually juggling 2 pup who are both vying for the spot where my laptop sits. We make compromises. All random typos are courtesy of RoxyGirl.

Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Hump Day, Chump Day

This morning I woke up and thought it was Thursday, when it was really Wednesday. So much so that I even hauled my trash can to the street before looking around a realizing that mine was the only trash can out. I even thought to myself 'Ha! looks like I'm the most on top of it neighbor on the block today!'...then I felt not only disappointed at how far from Friday I was, but just plain silly. I should have turned around and went back to bed right then.

BUT...I really would be the most on top of it neighbor on the block (or at least the chic-est) if I was returning to this bedroom. Bold brown stripes, all white linens, stack of magazines, non-neon blinking-cute-alarm clock...check, check, check, check. I'm in love.

Photo: Canadian House and Home Magazine

Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Thursday Tabletop: Cheery Dining Room of the Day

This cheery, graphic dining room makes me smile this morning. Black and white base, punctuated with bright color could you not want to sit and gather here for a meal. When I started this post, I know I had the photo credit, but now it escapes me....Jonathan Adler?? Anyone know?

And P.S.-This would be a great room to recreate on a modest budget. 1 splurge (the table) and some less expensive accents and you'd be all set. See:

Design Within Reach Table: 2,800
For an even cheaper option--source a round sculptural table from a flea market
West Elm Rug: Between $200 and $400 depending on size

Ebay Chairs: Buy it now price $299 for 6!
Seriously, someone please buy these and let me come visit them.
A little yellow paint and some new fabric and these babies would be stellar.
And fill it in with some inexpensive pops of color. Ikea Vase $3.99

Monday, January 25, 2010

'I Do' in the details

I've always thought that brides who chose to get married during the winter were slightly delusional. Frigid temperatures, threats of blizzards and the possibility of slipping and falling on my hundred dollar up-do are not my cup of piping hot tea.

But I'm eating my words this morning after attending a spectacular winter-chic wedding over the weekend. The dramatic lighting, silvery accents and dark color scheme almost have me ready to declare myself a winter wedding kind of girl.

Silver branches strung with hanging candles and icicles gave a interesting contrast to tall floral arrangements on other tables.

The dramatic lighting and all white flowers made for a stunning contrast with the dark scheme.

A little hard to see in my picture, but those packages wrapped in black and sealed with the couples' stamp-They're actually mini loaves of apple-cinnamon bread baked by the Bride's mother for a yummy morning after favor treat.

An old school declaration of love on the card box, handmade by the bride

Julia and Chris (Off to the islands for a honeymoon-some things just always should be tropical!)

Julia blogged about her entire experience over at District Weddings. Go check out some of her posts for some great tips and details about how she pulled off this great event:

Friday, January 22, 2010

Can't hide my puppy love

Life is good when you have these puppy loves to keep you warm at night...

A friend of a friend visited the house recently and a few days after her visit we received the most lovely thank you card with some of the best snapshots of Roxy and Boston that I've ever seen. I hadn't even known that she had taken any pictures of them while she was visiting. It was a great surprise to open the envelope and see their little faces. I've been dying to share these for a few weeks, but couldn't let'cat' out of the bag because I had them framed as a gift for my parents.

And probably not for lack of coincidence, lately I've been completely enthralled by the blog of local D.C. photographer Stephen Bobb of FidoJournalism. Beyond pets, Stephen Bobb Photography also does some amazing work on weddings, events, and portraits. But these 4-leggers really stole my heart.

Thursday, January 21, 2010

Thursday Tabletop: Oxford Vintage

No days of the week underwear for this girl, but I would love to wake up everyday to morning tea in a different vintage cup and saucer from The Oxford Tea Party.

Friday, January 15, 2010

A Birthday Party Fit to a Tea

How old is too old to have a tea party? Because I'm praying that I'm still in the age category for this delightfully adorable soiree:

Shades of pink and pint size sweets are perfect for a little gathering of 4 year-olds. Not a Disney character in sight in a nice change for burnt out parents who shuttle between multiple parties in a weekend.

Signature drinks are not just for big girls.....lemonade with pink straws hits the spot after an afternoon of play time.

Strawberry truffles + some modern day glass slippers = 1 happy little birthday girl.

Who is this lucky little lady? The daughter of event planner's at Dooby Design Group (from my home state of Michigan...see good things happen there too). Dooby does some drool worthy event production as well. Check it out here on their blog.

Thursday, January 14, 2010

Thursday Tabletop: Bubbly for One

I spied this image over at Chinoiserie Chic and I've been dying to try it out at a party ever since. Splits of your favorite bubbly served chilled in single servings would be perfect for an outdoor picnic (if it ever gets warm enough to go outdoors again) or a cheeky accent to a sit down dinner.

Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Walk softly and carry a....smaller handbag

Dear Entire World,

The new year is a time to clear out old routines and start fresh right? A free pass to let go of bad habits and make a change. Well, dear readers, I have a weight to get off my shoulders...literally. As in, my shoulders are going to collapse under the weight of my handbag.

My organizational method is a little less than desirable sometimes. In case you have forgotten, here's a refresher: Carry a really big handbag and throw all of the scraps of paper and bits of inspiration you find into the bottom of it. Then wait until it's too heavy to carry anymore, dump it all out on the bed to sort, get frustrated, put it back in the bag and switch to a different handbag. Call it your "filing system."

And then one day you walk of out of the house and realize you're carrying this...

When I really should be hauling around one of these...

And I'm asking myself...what exactly am I hauling around that's so important??? Here's a short list of what I found...

  • 1 Evening clutch
  • 4 Bed Bath & Beyond coupons
  • 1 spool red ribbon and 1 long piece of maroon ribbon
  • 4 holiday cards
  • 1 box Dayquil
  • 2 Flash Drives with the only copies of important info
  • 2 checkbooks
  • Random photos
  • Necklace, still in box and wrapping paper
  • A Christmas ornament in it's box
  • 9 magazines.....really, I'm a little ashamed to even admit this
  • 3 DC Metro cards
  • Coach wallet
  • 1/2 a bag of Jelly Bellys
  • Hand draw picture of a turkey from my niece (from Thanksgiving)
  • 3 expired Banana Republic coupons (I probably have made 4 purchases in the last 2 months with no coupons)
  • Magazine tearsheets
  • Program from the Kennedy Center show I attended in December
  • 1 Old Navy coupon, 1 Gap coupon, and 1 Macy's coupon...also all expired
  • RISD Flyer
  • Peanut butter cookie recipe
  • 2 Hockey tickets
  • Silent Auction catalog
  • 1 pair of socks and underwear (don't ask)
  • 1 bag of never know when you'll need a party!
  • Ear plugs and Eye airplane essential
  • Recipe for apple baked pork chops
  • 1 bark collar...for Mr. Boston Boggle
  • 2 wine corks
  • 1 Allen wrench
  • an I-pod
  • $3.37 in change
  • Nailpolish
  • 8 pens, 2 highlighters, 2 sharpies
  • 9 receipts and 3 business cards
And so, my belated New Year's resolution for the year is less...just less all around. Starting with a smaller handbag to hold less stuff. Maybe one of these little beauties would solve all my problems ;)

Bags: Yellow Hobo, Ruffle Shoulder Bag, Gray Hobo, Tan Handbag, Croc Handbag, Black Carryall

Friday, January 8, 2010

Stop and Smell the Roses...and hide out from the cold!

Last weekend I bundled up and trekked over to the U.S. Botanical Gardens to check out the holiday decorations that the entire city seemed to be raving about. Thankfully for me, they leave their decorations up after the holiday (all the way through this Saturday. I highly recommend a visit--it's warm and toasty in there!). I've been to the gardens before, but I was even more impressed this time around:
Each year they display all the monumental building in Washington made out of botanical components. How cool is that--they were even more amazing up close.
This sign made me smile...
and this one made me think of Beth....
Supreme CourtMy little 'hood...made out of sticks and stones. I for sure looked like a 20-something child standing next to this, pointing and exclaiming "I live there!"
U.S. Capitol
National Museum of the American Indian--I'm not sure they did this one justice. I had to read the sign before I saw it.
And did I mention it's nicely warm and balmy in there. Perfect for the sub-zero weekend we're about to have. (ok, my parents would be ashamed of my Midwest's really 27 degrees out currently)

Bo Obama's stomping groundHow low do your bananas grow?
Jefferson MemorialSmithsonian Castle Museum
Washington Memorial

And the best part about D.C...The Botanical Gardens are Free!