Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Shop Talk: Heir Antiques

Last month (yeah, I'm that far behind..whose got no present in the works yet..take a guess!) while on a quick trip to Providence for work, I took an afternoon and slipped off to the DownCity shopping district. Chalked full of shops and boutiques, I fell hard for Heir Antiques.

"Antiques, Art and Covetable Goods".....means you will want every single piece in the shop. And then you'll want to move like it's your own trend loft.

A fantastic selection of cards, paper goods and quirky stationary from small press lines. Some of their small items are featured on the Covetable Good Shop. Paper goods are not, buy hopefully soon.

Keep up with the happenings of the store and the muses of the owners with their blog. I loved some of the interior shots they posted above.

I can't tell you how long I stood there cursing myself for traveling with a carry-on instead of a U-haul so I could take these chairs home with me.

Heir Antiques
65 Eddy Street
Providence, RI


  1. Sometimes, when I take an online survey for Gap or somewhere like that, there's an item like "This is a place for someone like me."

    Well....I'd give this a 10.

  2. love the stripped chair...just discovered your blog and plan to visit again... Fay

  3. Fun to see a great stores like this in Providence. I used to visit Providence all the time when my grandparents were alive - now I need to be sure to go back.

  4. if only i lived where you live. this shop looks great. i love the fifth image...the image on the wall, and no way! loving that chandelier. im gonna be checking out their blog soon (thanks!). ha ha, uhaul, yeah, right? those chairs are divine, love the pillow.

    great post.