Monday, December 14, 2009

Move over Cabbage Patch, there's a new Aminal in town.

Inspired by the creative (and slightly wacky) drawings from children, Aminals, is a company determined to make these visions come to life, in an environmentally friendly way. These adorable (and surprisingly affordable, $20-$25) dolls make me want to buy the whole gang for every child I know. Who wouldn't want these guys scattered all over their living stepping on thousands of little Barbie doll shoes.

Aminal dolls were designed with the intent to make a fully recyclable product that can disappear naturally, without contributing toxic chemicals that poison our soil, air and waterways, or the huge amounts of material waste in landfills. Instead, Aminals are made from all natural, organic materials that can nourish your garden! All Aminal dolls are stuffed with 100% unbleached, unprocessed, chemical-free organic cotton and dyed with low-impact vegetable dyes. Aminal dolls contain no petro-chemicals and no synthetic materials.

This little whale is my favorite!
Compost can compost them, how crazy is that! Instructions on the website here.


  1. These are cool enough just for the design, but the fact that they're eco-friendly puts them over the edge!

  2. The lizard is my favorite.

    -Zane of ontario honey