Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Cozy New Year's Tabletop Ideas

By New Year's Day everyone is spent from weeks of holiday hubbub, but still has time off to get together and eat! Without all the predefined Christmas images cluttering up your creativity, it's a great day to entertain with no pressure or June Cleaver expectations.

Here's a basic tabletop with some ideas for expanding. All if these pieces can be gathered from your current stock or purchased at your local big box. These are all from Tar-jay and the whole lot would be less than $90.
  • What was your glittery holiday wreath, makes a great base to set your tired stand in.
  • Use the tiered stand as a serving piece for a lazy meal of appetizers and small bites.
  • For a cozy chic feeling, use a vibrant plaid scarf as a runner, or twist it around your tiered stand and slip some gold bulbs in for an really easy centerpiece.
  • No one wants fancy stemware on New Year's Day (we're all a little too hungover to handle the good stuff). Keep glasses low and solid.
  • Gold charges give an otherwise cozy, rustic table just enough glitz to be holiday appropriate.
Other ideas to make it memorable:

Pull out the scrabble game and use the tiles to spell out guests names for place cards. Or scatter letters around the table an let people linger over their plates while they play a little table top MadLibs and see what combinations they come up with.

Use old baby photos as placecards, or if you're a more adventurous crowd.....

Pick your favorites from Awkward Family Photos and assign them to the friend who most fits the image. Roll around with laughter at what everyone got assigned.

Resource List for First Image: All from Tar-jay!
Charger: $14.99 for a set of 4
Martini Glass: $8.98 for a set of 6 (holiday sales, snap these up quick!)
Wreath: $12.48
Highball Glass: $7.99 for a set of 4
Scarf: $14.99
Ornaments: $4.99

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  1. I love to take scramble words and spell out words in my home. I put words in different places. I also have scramble words framed that say welcome to my home. It looks really cool.

    -Zane of ontario honey