Friday, November 20, 2009

Style Dictionary: Design Localvores

Design Localvores: Akin to the trend of eating only what's grown within walking distance of your table, Design Localvores immerse themselves in the style of the local area and seek out local inspiration and resources.

While stocking up on gummy worms and water (absolute essentials in my mind) this morning for a quick trip to Providence, I decided to forgo my normal airline reading material (think, anything with 'shocking' or 'scandal' written on the cover) and get into the vibe with a copy of New England Home. One turbulent take off later I was immersed in cape houses, highlighted moldings, and modern traditional at its best.

Regional design magazines have quietly become the champion in this not so successful year for print periodicals. What use to be thought of as a category of kitchy, homemade and unpolished publications have taken this depressing economic condition and capitalized on their small scale markets. Why is it that in a time when shelter publications are falling like dominos it seems as if these regional publications are booming with fresh, original content and updated layouts?

Sure they may not have the global trend reports and huge name designers quoting their favorite paint colors and coffee brands. And they may have a larger Ad to content ratio than some of the nationals (but if that keeps them in business, I'm happy to flip a few more Ad pages). But they do have interesting spreads and stunning homes highlighted that would never stand a chance at making it in the bigger name glossys.

I don't know if this is the trend across the country, but I also found New England Home's website to be chocked full of digital inspiration, including a full digital edition.

Do you read the regional design magazines in your area? What are some good ones out there we may be missing?

And now, my D*S City Guide and I are off to explore Providence!


  1. Fan-flippin'-tastic post! 'design localvores' -very smart! Looks like you've found yourself a great local publication; the photos are awesome. I'm embarrassed to admit this, but I don't know if DC has anything like that. There is Spaces, Capital File (I think that's what it's called), and DC Luxury.... but none of them generally highlight very beautiful places. Do you recommend any in the District?

    post script: LOVE the greyhound on the bed!!

  2. I always read Washington Spaces. I love that mag. Having lived in Providence and Boston, I read the New England shelter magazines, too. There's another one you should look for...Cape Cod & the Islands Home or something like that.

    Have fun in Providence! It's one of my very favorite cities! I'm getting hungry just thinking of all the great options! Hemmingways, Alforno, Union Station, Pastiche, Pot au Feu...YUM!!!

  3. There aren't too many here that I'm aware of. But the pendant light fixtures in the third picture are EXACTLY the kind of thing I've been looking for. I'm off to research. Thanks! Have a great trip.