Monday, October 5, 2009

Super easy sleepover

Do you get catalogs that have little to no relevance to your life, just because you like to look at catalogs. No do I. Two arrived on Friday-Pottery Barn Teen and Land of Nod. (I just consider it part of being a well-rounded consumer).

Well, low and behold, those people over at PB teen have seen their share of sleepovers, because look at the completely genius guest bed they've dreamed up. A slip covered ottoman with clean lines and good proportions that could easily work everyday or discreetly hold court in a little nook until it was needed. Bublegum pink not your style comes in white! (see below).

Perfect for a city girl with not a lot of room to spare, but plenty of friends who like to visit.

1 comment:

  1. Why, yes, I do get tons of not-so-relevant catalogs. :) This is an excellent product. I'm tempted to look it up and see how much it costs.