Friday, October 2, 2009

Lonny Magazine: A.M.A.Z.I.N.G!!

Where have I been all day, why is my post so late?....Because I have literally been POURING over every detail of the newly released Lonny Magazine, the brain child of Michelle Adams and Patrick Cline. Put your tissue boxes away and dry your eyes over the loss of all of our recent shelters magazines, this is the new revolution in design publication.

My admiration for Michelle Adams is well known. And this pushes me every more slightly into stalker-fan territory. And, Patrick Cline, there are no words for how stunning these interior shots are.

The polished, eclectic design inspiration of Domino...with even MORE real world accessibility if you can believe it. Domino stepped it up a notch, by listing price and contact information for nearly everything they pictured. Lonny takes it one level farther and links you right to the product site when you scroll over the image. (I swear, I'm not a paid spokesperson...I'm just that in love with this).

Plus, they have some great new features, including this one that I would give my left arm to be a part of...blogger style. Doesn't everyone love to see what other stylish girls consider their essentials. Sharpie pens are definitely high on my list as well.

A creative take on the market round-up. See, even life's dirty business can have posh equipment!

And, ok...really anything that features adorable looking dogs lounging on furniature is #1 in my book.

(Oh, Wait...that one's mine! Roxy Girl on Trellis bedding)

Go check it out: Be prepared to loose a few hours to your clicking and scrolling.

Congrats to Michelle, Patrick and the entire team!


  1. I have heard a bit about this, but I think I'm saving it for tomorrow. Great pictures and commentary, though! I'm excited to flip through. (Do you know if it's going to be seasonal or monthly? I noticed that the cover says Fall 2009.)

  2. so boring! bummer I was hoping to like it.

  3. Anonymous-What didn't you enjoy about it? Care to elaborate.

    I did wish there was an option to print more than one page at a time. That was my only remorse.

    Tommy, I'm not sure how frequently it's being published. Hopefully more frequently as it grows in popularity and sponsorships!

  4. I just found the spaces lacking in character. They were just so-so in my opionion. Usually in a magazine there are one or two spaces that I really like and keep going back to but I didn't find anything worth a second look. I'm hoping the next issue will be more to my taste.

  5. your post=my sentiments exactly...