Tuesday, October 20, 2009

If you can't stand the heat...take a cooking class

Thank you to everyone for all the birthday wishes. I had great day yesterday with lots of celebrating and good friends-just the way every birthday should be. I'm looking forward to every day of year #27. I capped off the day perfectly with a cozy dinner at my local neighborhood wine bar Sonoma. Communal tables with big benches give a relaxed feel, perfect for sharing food a trying new flavors.

This past year has been full of new challenges and endeavors (like this little ole' blog you're reading) and I'm looking forward to hitting my stride in a lot more to come. Including tackling old challenges, big and small....like my quest to finally master homemade pasta! Which will be much easier with the fabulous birthday gift I received of cooking classes at my favorite DC cookware store: Hill's Kitchen.

Hill's Kitchen is one of the true gems in my Capitol Hill neighborhood (directly off the Eastern Market Metro for the DC locals), and I've been a devoted follower since it opened about a year and a half ago. Stocked with an impressive array of cookware basics as well as fun and modern kitchen accessories and gadgets. Owner, Lean Daniels, is a local girl with a passion for cooking and a very good eye for retail display. Check out this Washingtonian article about her impressive head first leap into a store that has become a neighborhood staple. Truly someone I admire.

The first floor is devoted to the retail space and includes very well stocked sections for seasonal, baking, and grilling in addition to cookware. Stylishly modern aprons, oven mitts and towels, like the ones below always end up finding their way into my basket. I took some out of town friends this past weekend and stocked up on salt and pepper grinders.

The second floor space is for classes and demonstrations, and is fairly recently opened. Following the do what you love and do it well business model, the second floor is already a huge success. My pasta class will have to wait until December, as they're all booked up until then. Also on my list are a basic knife skills class and the farmer's market class. Many homemade pasta dinner parties in this girl's future!

Hill's Kitchen
713 D Street, SE
Washington, DC 20003

Photo Credits: Washingtonian, Elisabeth Grant for notfortourists.com, Gradually Greener (bottom 3 photos)


  1. This place looks so great!! I like all the colors. When I finally visit, it's on the list for sure.

  2. Wow. I am going to have to check this out!