Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Yea for Fall!

As I sleepily stepped out my front door for a morning walk with R&B, I was met with a chill in the air, a slight breeze, and the undeniable assurance that Fall has arrived! My absolute favorite season for everything from food to fashion, I wanted to skip up and down my block with leaves falling all around me.

Bring on the colorful peacoats (J.Crew), tall boots with everything (Bandolino) and of course...

Spiked Hot Coco!

(Image by James Allen Walker: Make sure to check out his website, the photo are amazing)


  1. Amen! Bring it on, Mother Nature. The TN was even a little chilly this morning.

  2. The yellow jacket is super pretty. I want to get his for my mom. She loves yellow clothing.