Thursday, September 10, 2009

What I did on my summer vacation

I knew I was a little behind on my blogging with a few weeks of work and personal travel taking up most of my time. But when my grandmother emailed me and said "What are you doing? You need to update the blog, it's been ages" I knew I needed to get my act together. Can't keep the inquiring minds of my adoring fans waiting any longer (or at least those in my immediate family!)

So here's a little look at what's been taking up so much of my time these last few weeks. I started off out west in Las Vegas for work. Stealing away from the bright lights of the strip, I wanted to see what else Sin City had to offer. A tour of Red Rock Canyon was just the balance I needed. Breathtaking colors and shapes in the canyon left me in awe.

The beautiful orange, pink and red colors of the rocks make an inspiring palette.

Are you crazy busy with work, life and all things in between? Stand in a canyon for a moment, it gives great life perspective.
I even had the opportunity to meet some of the "locals" on my drive through the canyon.

Even though it was 110 degrees in the shade, the colors made me long for fall and a fresh change from my usual black wardrobe staples. Now, I want to wrap up in this beautiful sweater from Theory found at Nordstrom.

From out west to the Jersey Shore for a few days of relaxation in the sun with my two favorite little pups. Roxy and Boston loved their beach vacation, though Boston was less than thrilled about all the sand and water at the beach. He prefers the dog park.

Could there be a happier little pup in the world, I think not.

Nothing like having to run into the ocean to rescue your 20 lbs dog from the huge wave she's charging into, to wake a girl up in the morning.

Roxy made friends at the beach with a little game of tug-o-war

Overall, Roxy was in heaven frolicking around in the surf. Poor Boston on the other hand, just wanted to go back to the beach house.

My grumpy little man was not impressed by the ocean, in fact he was terrified of it and didn't like all the sand and seaweed that got in his face.

I tried and tried, but couldn't get a happy looking picture of Mr. B on the beach.

Sorry little man, we'll be back at the dog park soon.


  1. Sounds like a fabulous break! Much to busy to blog...

  2. I'm glad you're back! Roxy is just about the cutest puppy I've ever seen...and those landscape shots are awesome!

    Thanks for sharing! (Hi, Grandma!)

  3. Sounds like you and I have had similar summers! Good thing you were able to get out and enjoy things a bit with so much work stuff to deal with.

    Glad the blog is going full speed ahead again. I missed your posts!

    P.S. Your pups are adorable!

  4. So cute how all the photos of Boston have the same expression and stance in a different setting! Thanks for posting pictures of you! Love ya. Megs

  5. Beautiful pics! We should plan a play date for our pups!!