Tuesday, September 15, 2009

To Market, To Market

A few weeks ago, over the long holiday weekend, I stopped by a flea market near the Jersey shore while R&B slept off their big morning. Never one to pass up digging through piles of discarded goods to find a hidden treasure, a big parking lot full of pick up trucks and card tables was like Disneyland to me.

Is this not the most adorable little vintage fire truck you've ever seen! I stood in front of it for a full 10 minutes contemplating how I could justify buying it without that pesky requirement of having a child to put in it. The best I could come up with was trying to make Roxy sit in it, so sadly it had to be left behind.

There were dozens of these wood painted signs around that morning. I loved the Cattle Dealer sign and thought it would look great juxtaposed against some shiny white subway tiles leaning up against a chic kitchen backsplash.

I couldn't tell if it was this old hearse that was for sale by owner, or just the stuff in front of it and the hearse was how they hauled it there. I tried to ask, but missed something in the jersey accent translation.

Loved the decanters, especially the big square one.

I also lusted after this old kitchen croc and imagined it as a big catch-all for wooden spoon and shiny silver serving pieces. Then I remembered I already have just that already sitting on my counter and shouldn't buy it again.

A strong weakness for vintage bar ware, shared by my friend, means this tray now resides on my island as a catchall for keys, mail and small bud vases.


  1. Foxy Roxy would have rocked that fire engine! I love the bier tray -great purchase !

  2. What a fun place, I love those kind of places with lots and lots of treasure!

  3. This looks like so much fun!! Why didn't you buy that hearse? :)

  4. You go girl ~ lookin' sassy in your hat!