Friday, September 18, 2009

Inspirations from the To Read pile

By now, you're all well versed in my sometimes chaotic organizational methods. Here's another example of just how I roll. I'm an avid reader, of anything and everything-newspapers, magazines, books, fliers they hand out on the Metro. And I'm a thorough reader. I read with a pen, highlighter, and pack of sticky flags in my hand. Not just for books, for everything. In fact, my roommate came home yesterday to find me in the kitchen, bent over the paper, furiously highlighting away in the local calendar section (it was local home tours, in my defense). Often, I come across things I was to read, but don't have the time to fully devote right then. Enter, the To Read pile-an ever present stack of all the things I'm currently reading. It's a bit of a joke for those who know me well because 1) the pile tends to get a little out of control at times and 2) I often end up lugging it around with me in big bags to read on the go.

Here's the To Read pile as it currently stands in my living room.

Working my way down in the pile yesterday, I found this little article in the October issue of Glamour. Do you ever come across a home that so perfectly fits your personal style you want to pack up your makeup bag and move right in? This is mine....

We all love Nate Berkus, and I've always loved his work. Apparently, he has a 20-something younger sister who could be my style twin. Nate, if you're reading, we should all be friends.

I love the eclectic but polished mix of this living room with the larger pieces done in neutrals and the accessories bringing in splashes of color and texture.

Wouldn't this sofa at the end of the bed be a nice spot for me to snuggle up with my big To Read pile. I also adore bedrooms like this that are soft and feminine, but still comfortable enough for both genders to live in.

Love the color and layering in this table vignette. I'm also a big photo leaner as I tend to move things around on a whim. Sorry for the less than stellar image quality. I couldn't find these pics on Glamour's website, so I had to settle for scans. If you come across them, please pass them on.

A little organizational gem to pass along. Try keeping your evening clutches in magazine files to keep them organized in your closet. Genius. I wonder where Marni keeps her To Read pile???


  1. To add to your list of inspiration: the editor from "Domino" started an online magazine called "Lonny" at Enjoy!

  2. I have an ever-growing "To Read" pile as well...and that Nate and his sister and so cool! Her apartment is chic and functional but totally approachable.

  3. I love Nate and her sister. Both are creative geniuses.

    -Zane of ontario honey