Monday, September 28, 2009

Design Idol: Barbara Barry

Catching up on some reading over the weekend, I came across this article in the Washington Post Home section about the details of a stylish life from none other that the impeccable Barbara Barry. It reminded me just how much I admire this style and design maven.

(DC Locals--Do you read the Home section? I actually still get the print version of the Post for the delight of running to my doorstep on Thursdays to see what's featured. Sorry Mother Earth-I promise I recycle them. I love the local retail sources they feature and would love to see more local design talent highlighted. I had heard gossip about loosing the Home section, but I tried to ignore all of it and go with the ignorance is bliss motto. So far, so good.)

Barbara and her designs always convey a timeless, classic grace while still looking fresh and modern. A true tastemaker, I also loved this article from Town & Country Travel about her favorite London shops and spots. (Top 2 photos from TCT).

A seamless combination of neutral colors, clean lines and good construction means that each of her rooms will not only stand the test of style time, but also hold up to being actually lived in. I would feel eternally chic penning correspondence, while drinking tea at this desk.

What I really admire Barry for is her business sense as much as her style. To be able to gracefully navigate the market that she has worked her way to the top of, is no small feat. Translating her design to retail, she never looses sight of the core elements of her style.

And just like Barbara...I love me some chairs! Her collection for Baker Furniture includes an array of lust worthy chairs of all shapes. Some of the little lovelies:
Upholstered Lounge Chair

Deco Classic Lounge Chair

Tufted Chair

Oval X-back Chair

And about those teacups I would be sipping out of while sitting at that chic desk...I can't decide between the Curtain Call or the Embrace.

A new product line I noticed on Barry's own website was a collection of home fragrances, complete with her iconic chairs. No wonder I love her!


  1. She truly is one of the most elegant women and I love her design style. I know this is an old post but very much enjoyed it. Thanks much!

  2. I love Barbara's designs. They inspire me.