Monday, September 21, 2009

As a frequent reader of design magazines and books, I come across all kinds of details and ideas that I want to try in my own space. While I'd love to try them all in every place I live, it would end up looking like an over-designed hot mess. Good editing sometimes is a girl's best friend. Here's a round up of the top ten elements I'd like to try.....someday!

1) Big round center entry table--I love a big round table for flowers or stacks of books topped with a favorite trinket

My notes say this pic is from Better Homes and Gardens-?

2) Stand alone bathtub--For long soaks in lots of bubbles.

Spotted on Pink Wallpaper

3) Center Doorknob--a large round doorknob, right in the center of the door, so chic!

Miles Redd

4) Dark, glossy walls--I love the contrast of these dark walls with the caramel colored chairs. And the fact that it's a library makes me want to curl right up in this deep, rich color.


5) Art Gallery Walls--A hallway or entryway filled to the edges with frames of all shapes and sizes is my dream. I particularly love having half of the pieces hung and the other half leaning on shelves to be rotated at whim.


6) Wall-o-books--I have a lot of books. Way more books than a couple of measly bookcases can stand. I need a whole wall filled floor to ceiling with shelves. Or in this case, with some cabinets on the bottom to store necessary but not so pretty pieces.


7) All white kitchen--no need for further explanation, I think my love is well understood. (I do love the one black piece of counterwork here for a little contrast, though)

Robyn Karp

8) Chalkboard walls--I've been dying to paint a wall in my kitchen or bathroom with chalkboard paint. The possibilities abound.

??-Anyone recognize

9) Guest cottage--A quaint little escape in the back yard for houseguests (or me!)

Morgan Hill

10) Daring entryway wallpaper-to make a statement as soon as you step in the door.

Ashley Whittaker in Domino


  1. I love all of your ideas!! This is an inspiration.

  2. Love, love, LOVE them all! I believe I have all of these images in my inspiration folder too! I hope you are not the only one that gets to try these someday!


    Rebecca June

  3. Every single one of these ideas is gorgeous. I might just bookmark this list for my own dream home some day!

  4. Gorgeous pics as usual! I just gave your blog an award on my blog Sketch42blog. Check it out!

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