Thursday, August 6, 2009

Thursday Tabletops

A new little feature starting today here at SGC: Thursday Tabletops! I'm constantly collecting images and ideas to make great table settings, so I thought that it was high time I shared the wealth.

I love this tabletop for it's simple rustic feel and casual attention to detail. We all learned the 'proper' way to set a table as children, carefully folding the napkin and putting all the silverware in it'place. But I find that the easiest way to mix it up when setting the table is to literally, mix it up. Put the napkin under the salad plate, stack the forks up in the middle of the plate. The change in routine is what people will notice, even if it's just your partner or roommate on a random Wednesday evening.

A quick google search for some of the elements of this table turned up everyone's favorite wonderstore-Target.

Nova Tortoise Flatware, Wooden Candlesticks here and here
Bon Appetit!

Image found on Shelter

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  1. Great shots and ideas! My favorite thing is how the rules have changed. Namely, there are so few rules today about style and decor in general. It's a great time to have an eye and a debit card.