Friday, August 7, 2009

Beach Getaway

The summer is slipping away from me faster than I can handle today. I just picked up my first hugely-thick September magazine, and had a panicked moment about all work and no play in my life. So this weekend I'm packing a bag, grabbing some friends (and Roxy and Boston, of course), jumping in the car and heading to the beach for a quick getaway.

No elaborate plans, no planning at all really. My bag will contain just the bare essentials. Something to wear on the beach for the day, and something to wear to dinner at night. Nothing else required.

For daytime: Orange polka dot bikini and an oversized straw bag (needed for the massive Sept. fashion issues I'll be toting along)

For evening: Cotton/Silk blend draped dress to show off the beachy glow (my SPF-1000 doesn't really allow for a tan, so I refer to it as a glow), and a gold leaf necklace for a little bit of sparkle.

What kind of cocktails will we be drinking, you ask? Guavaberry-coldas will be the drink of choice this weekend. (Ok, so maybe there was a smidge of planning, but only where it counts!)
Happy Summer Weekend!

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  1. love that dress- and booze always makes for a good weekend :)

  2. Love the simplicity. The straw bag is fabulous and I am obsessed with that guavaberry bottle. I hope you have a very relaxing weekend -- seems like you deserve it!

  3. I hope you have a great time!

  4. Oh, you're so smart and chic! I know exactly what you mean. At the start of Summer I went to the beach one weekend on a whim and said that I'd go much more often this Summer as opposed to previous Summers spent in DC. Well, it's nearing the middle of August, and that was my first and last visit to the beach. You've inspired me! I will go again soon! Thanks, and have fun!

  5. Oh, I hope you enjoyed that wee bikini! I was busy painting and priming this weekend...and next I am taking on the closet. Ahhhhhh!