Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Baubles, etc.

This weekend I picked up some pretty little vintage baubles at an antique store (and a beautiful glass tray for my nightstand from Michael Design Works). I'm making a concerted effort to wear more vintage jewelry. Nothing over the top expensive, just fun little pieces that I love. So far it's gone like this: 1) Ooogle the pictures in the JCrew catalog of the girl dripping in bauble-esque accessories 2) Declare effort to also drip with pretty things, 3) Spend all afternoon pouring through boxes of old jewelry at antique market.

So far I'm considering the project a success.

JCrew pictures that caused all the oogaling

Pieces from JCrew that I would love to have added to the collection.

Oh, and about that tray. I saw it in the little shop and fell in love with it. Very Cabinet of Natural Curiosity to me. I also loved these two, available online called: Tropical Fish and Shells.


  1. I love the little tray and I absolutely adore the vintage baubles! Do you ever check out Eastern Market? They've got a lot of vintage jewelry.

  2. I wish I had time to search antique stores more- because I've always thought the same thing about JCrew stuff.

    I think I'll make some time this weekend since you've had success :)

  3. That glass tray is oh, so glamorous. I adore it. And well done with the DIY J.Crew antiquing haunts!