Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Absolutely Beautiful, Anna

Flipping through Australian Vogue Living at the book store, I was amazed and excited by the beautiful spread of blogger Anna Spiro's home from Absolutely Beautiful Things. Anna was at the forefront of the design blogging world and I know has personally inspired many blogs, including my own. Right there in the magazine aisle I wanted to jump up and down and rush up to strangers and say, "I know her...well, I don't know know her...but I blog know her." I refrained for fear to being banned from my favorite local reading spot.

Absolutely Beautiful Things is a collection of creative daily inspiration and highlights from her Brisbine, Australia shop Black & Spiro, which recently launched its website and online portfolio. Congratulations Anna on the very much well deserved success!

Dinning room with the one and only Harry Chairs from the Aussie Vogue Living spread

Some lovely inspiration from Black & Sprio's online portfolio:


  1. That is so exciting--I will keep an eye out for this issue. I am a big fan of ABT as well. Her style is so different and pretty and fresh.

  2. australian vogue living is one of the BEST shelter magazines -i go to b&n every month to check itout and occasionally will splurge and buy it! I've never understood why the american version never caught on -so sad :-(
    Anna was one of the first blogs I found and followed myself -she's inspired a generation of us bloggers!

  3. Stephen, I agree our version just doesn't compete and I'm usually standing at B&N every month too. Maybe we need a magazine swap club here in DC.

  4. Love her home and work. Judging from these photos, she is exceptionally talented at mixing and matching. That dining room is brilliant.

  5. The minors in the bathroom are super cute.