Tuesday, July 7, 2009

An Office Inspired -- The Inspired Office

One of the things I have yet to really master, but always long for is a functional and beautiful desk space in my home. I need an administrative hub for all the bits of creativity that float through my daily life--A central wrangling zone for the inspirational (picture, magazines, color swatches) and the not so inspirational (pesky tax returns, why must you be so unappealing!). And since I don't have space for an entire room dedicated to an office, it all has be nice to look at everyday.

A beautiful desk is my black hole of style. The piece that I can see, but not actualize. The desk itself is not so much a problem. I've longed for a glossy white Parson's desk the way most people long for big diamonds. And I've decided that at last, it shall be mine! A little gift to myself for all my blogging hard work. But where to go from there? How do I make my office inspired...

Ione Skye's Parson Desk as featured in Domino

Enter, The Inspired Office. About a year ago I was introduced to Kacy Paide's company, The Inspired Office, through an article in the Washington Post. I signed up for her newsletter, and was immediately hooked on her organizing tips and secrets. Kacy is a professional organizer who helps clients throughout the DC area turn their piles of paper and stacks of lists (both of which I have plenty) into something more inspiring to work from. Even in you're not in the DC area, I highly recommend going here to sign up for the weekly newsletter. Hurry, go now and you'll still catch this week's edition tomorrow.
Here are some of the things I've learned from Kacy's newsletters:

Abby's Organizing Method: Carry a really big handbag and throw all of the scraps of paper and bits of inspiration you find into the bottom of it. Then wait until it's too heavy to carry anymore, dump it all out on the bed to sort, get frustrated, put it back in the bag and switch to a different handbag.

The Inspired Office Method: "Take a spiral notebook and place it front and center on your desktop. It will serve as a small, inconspicuous landing strip for websites, lists, email addresses, phone numbers, etc. Instead of going to a sticky, back of an envelope, desk blotter, or pulling a sheet out of recycling, all notes will immediately go into the notebook. I date the top of my page about every week. So, if I need to find that link to the German wallpaper site I stumbled across 2 months ago, I can locate it within seconds." (Abby's note: This also works with a notebook in said unruly handbag)

Abby's Organizing Method: Keep a basket on the desk or counter and designate that as the "filing basket." Continually place everything from bank statements to menus with great logo designs in said basket. Never file things away from the basket because they all seem to random to put in folders. Let basket get so full that it's overflowing onto the counter. Buy new basket to set next to it.

The Inspired Office Method: Make File folders with general categories for the things that are important to you (see photo above from Kacy's website.). And then use them. If file folders with labels are too much of a commitment, use sticky notes stuck vertically on the files until you're done with your initial sorting.

Here's to your inspired office!


  1. Love the parsons desk, I have always wanted one too!

    And I can say that the notebook idea works great- I always carry a notebook with me and it has been the best thing ever- has so many websites, lists, to-do's in there- love it!

  2. Way to go on that Parsons desk! They're crazy stylish. Plus, there aren't that many drawers, so you'll have to pare down a little bit at least. :)

    Great link to the newsletter, too. Thanks!

  3. Great idea. I am going to use this information!

  4. I hate to admit it , however yes this is my idea of organizing! Notebooks filled with every tidbit & lots of tear sheets ....inspiration for future art!

  5. love your blog...wonder how i missed this one.

  6. I always find that desk's make or break your home. You gotta get the right desk or else the room just didn't contain the same beauty.