Monday, July 6, 2009

Movin' on Up!

Hi All! Thanks for sticking it out with me while I took a little blog break for some family time and also...a big move! It was a whirwind of a week, including the return of R&B, who are now safely back home and exploring their new yard. I'm looking forward to catching up with everyone and getting back into regular blogging. Stay tuned this week for some great posts.

Even before all my boxes were loaded into the new house, I was thinking about what I needed to really make the new place feel like home. Yes, the list was long, but the item that stuck at the top was some new stationery. Nothing makes a home yours like embossing the address on great cardstock!

iomoi makes some of the most modern, fabulous stationery around. Perfect for a fresh start with a new monogram. Except, there are so many that I love, I literally cannot narrow it down to just one.


  1. i ordered some Iomoi stationary shortly after we got married. It is really nice quality and I feel super glamorous sending them out.

  2. That is cool, but my favorite is Linda and Harriett. :) Good luck with your decision!

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