Tuesday, July 28, 2009

The Great White Dish Debate

Ina Garten's dish pantry from House Beautiful's Kitchen of the Year

I've come across a bit of a dilemma. One of those times when you find yourself questioning why you hold a certain style rule in the first place. I don't typically have a lot of rules to begin with. I wear white with abandon all year long. I don't always center my pictures on walls, and usually just about the time someone says "because that's just how it's done," I do it my way anyway. But I've always held tried and true, that white dishes are the absolute best. They showcase food better, they go with every kind of table you could want to create, they have simple clean lines, on and on go my reasons.

Until I catch glimpse of a pattern that is so irresistible to me, I want to throw my whole philosophy out the window and just buy the ones that are pretty! Here are the current culprits that are throwing a wrench in my nice simple life plan.

Lennox Chirp Dinnerware, something about these little birds cracks me up, and I love how the pattern spans across the dishes. Wouldn't you like to wake up to these little guys at the bottom of your cereal bowl?
Kate Spade Morella Avenue. Oh, Kate, how you drive me wild with your gold rimmed, animal print ways.

Lauren Ralph Lauren Mandarin Blue. I love how the family of patterns carries over in different ways on each piece of this set. Maybe I would be inspired to expand my cooking repertoire and ditch my twice weekly carryout habit.

Lauren Ralph Lauren Red Pagoda, A little geometric, a little floral, with a splash of red thrown in for good measure. I would buy this set for those dessert plates alone.


  1. I love pure, classic white but it does get a bit boring. I love to mix n match with some patterned pieces!

  2. Darlin' ~ there is no rule that says you have to have just one set of dishes...! Looking forward to seeing you this evening.

  3. I totally understand. What I've done so far is buy super simple white plates (on quick sale at a Williams Sonoma outlet, no less!) and tons of crazy dessert plates from here and there--usually on sale. I get lots of use out of both. Great shot of Ina's place, too! I lust after her kitchen.

  4. I became a bride 34 years ago this month. I chose blue calico transferware for my daily dishes. Still love them. They go with blue willow I inherited from my mother-in-law. For china, I chose Autumn by Lennox because Thanksgiving is my all-time favorite. Since then I added Queen Anne Armetale—mixes with everything—and for my 50th birthday my husband gave me Chateaubriand, a lovely spring like pattern of Limoges. I also inherited a beautiful (not complete) set of gold and white Limoges with several sets of colorful service plates (doing service as wall ornaments in several rooms). The moral is: you never know what you'll do over time. Just collect and enjoy the different parts and pieces of your personality. Of course, storage has been an issue at times..Have fun from the woman who used her college graduation money to buy a set of blue and red pottery (still use that, too).

  5. I like/have white plates too but those Lennox bird plates are the best! Would love to have a whole set of bowls for cereal in the morning.

  6. Hey, I agree with your nice reviews. I have a various sets of patterned fine china but I won't use them because I love the look of white.

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