Monday, June 1, 2009

The Tooth Fairy never looked so stylish

My goodness, these times they are a changin' Tooth Fairy never looked this good! The Official Tooth Fairy Kit ($14.99 from Tar-jay) comes with letterpress cards to document each little chomper, and a screenprinted bag for delivering the financial goods (how much do you think teeth go for these days?, I think they were about $1 each in my time).

Yet, another life lesson to impart on the little's never too early for good style.


  1. I've made a pact (with myself) to give my kids at least a dollar from the tooth fairy. We used to only get like ten cents.

  2. I've always thought that should be the going rate for the tooth fairy too. I know of some little ones out there who are pulling in as much as $5 per tooth!

  3. My toothless wonder gets recycled silver dollars from my toothless days. Once, I tried to tell him that I am indeed the tooth fairy, and he said, "Seriously, mommy, you leave at night and go to everyone's houses?!?"