Thursday, June 11, 2009

Harry Barker

There is no shortage of stylish dog gear out there these days. And I'm not talking about tank tops for your pooch with cute adjective on them. I'm talking about stylish, functional options for the daily gear that you have to see everyday anyway.

Enter Harry Barker, Smart and Stylish is their motto. I'm loving the great line of products that is not only great looking, but from a socially responsible company and as a whole the products are reasonable in price.
Roxy and Boston always love a good stripe. Made from 100% certified recycled plastics, it also has a ergonomic design for a comfortable fit and can be thrown right into the washer.
Really good looking dog beds are not as easy to find as you think. These are made with all natural dyes and a recycled filler. I'm in love with the silhouette pattern below.
Harry Barker was started by former model Carol Perkins. While recovering from a traumatic brain tumor, Carol started making dog products for friends as a form of therapy. In high demand, she turned her craft into a business named after her own beloved Sheltie dog.
I can imagine these adorable little rope bones scattered all over my living room floor. It doesn't matter how many toys I buy, my dogs only want the one toy the other dog is playing with!


  1. So much cute dog stuff out there these days. I wish my dog had any interest whatsoever in chew toys, she's too lazy to care!

  2. Lucinda, that's funny because I wish that my two had just a little bit less interest. They get so excited for a new chew toy that it barely lasts until it's all torn up!

  3. great post. i'll share it with my pups ; )