Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Found It...The search for the perfect ice cube!

About a year ago I was in Chicago at The W Hotel on Lakeshore Drive. I personally love W properties. Working in meetings and events, I see a lot of hotels...a lot. W hotels are consistently well designed, have great service, and while not the cheapest, are an affordable luxury experience. Plus they allow pets, so think of all the $$ you save on dog walkers while you're gone!

But I digress. It was particularly sweltering during my trip and a friend and I had been up and down the city all day long looking for interesting local shops (for which I highly recommend hopping on the L and venturing to the Armitage shopping area in Lincoln Park). We were hot, sweaty, exhausted and not feeling very chic when we made it back to the hotel. Trying to rally ourselves for dinner, we flopped down in the on the patio area to enjoy the rocking chairs and great view of the lake.

And, inside the lobby was a little drink station with self serve lemonade that we still rave about to this day. Not so much the lemonade, but the ice cubes. Inside each highball glass was a large round ice cube that had strawberry puree, strawberry slices and chopped up mint frozen inside. Besides looking cool, as we sipped our lemonade the ice gradually melted, infusing our lemonade with the strawberry-minty goodness. Not many people get this excited about ice, but there you go...I was hooked.

I so badly wanted to recreate this at home. I looked all over and found every shape of ice cube tray imaginable, but no big round spheres. We tried to recreate with regular old cubes for a baby shower event, but we just couldn't hit the mark.

Until today when browsing through the MoMA website (I should have known to start there in the first place), there they were. My long lost ice trays...found at last! And apparently I'm not the only one in love with these, because they're on back order, drats!
P.S. Let the countdown begin for the W Washington, opening July 8. See you on the Sky Terrace (aka. rooftop bar) for the best view in the city.

I was too exhausted to think about taking photos. Luckily someone else did, so these are from here, here and here


  1. Those lemonade drinks sound delish...I just wish it was sunny around here so I could enjoy one :)

  2. Now this is a fabulous find. I would like it for ice tea with lemon and mint in the ice balls too. We have to do the rooftop bar for one of our DC Design Bloggers meetings.

  3. So funny -i'm staying in that EXACT hotel this weekend LOL. What room were you in? That would be too great of a coincidence!!

  4. Didn't know a W was opening here - fun!

  5. I'm from Chi, and whenever I go home I check in at the W Lakeshore. The other one (in the financial district of the Loop) isn't as fab, but the Lakeshore hotel is amazing. Once I was there with my little boy, and he was coming down with something. A very nice maintenance man came to fix a light or something, noticed he was sick, and upon leaving had room service send up soup, cookies and a W teddy bear (none of which ever ended up on my bill). Now that's service! Plus, it's practically the only place downtown with a pool (not to mention the Bliss spa)!

  6. I love this - what a great idea! Unfortunately this post just resulted in a mini-MoMA shopping spree of my own. Not good for the budget :)

  7. A friend told me about a brunch that he attended where the host served "inside out" bloody mary's. "Inside out?" you ask.. Well, I'll tell you. He cubes all of the typical yummy goodness that one generally puts in a B.M., pours glasses of pepper Vodka, adds the cubes, and viola! It would also be great to serve inside out mimosa! : )

  8. That's nice that they allow pets. I can't be without my dog. I love her to pieces.

    -Zane of ontario honey