Friday, May 15, 2009

Running Away

If I had a country home, I would be running away to it this weekend. No hustle and bustle, no Metro delays, no cell phone (ok, that's a lie, because how else would I be able to hook it to my laptop and get high speed internet. A girl can't give up everything). Just peace and quite for one whole weekend. Plus, it would be a great little design laboratory to try out all those ideas I'm always a little hesitant to do in my full time home.
A galvanized farm sink would be perfect in my country cottage kitchen.
Even this little dogs looks relaxed. I would love a country home just for the pure bliss of spending my weekends scouring flea markets looking for pieces to refurbish. This coffee table looks like a great find that got new life with some glossy white paint.
Every country home needs a big farm table to eat around. I love the contrast of wood and metal with this dining set. Mismatched chairs in all different colors would also give this room some personality. This little cottage's hallway makes it impossible not to be in a good mood.
And off I would go, on my bright yellow bike (with basket!) for weekend adventures.

All Images via Country Living


  1. I would love a country home as long as I had my cell phone, internet, cable, J. Crew, Neiman Marcus, night life, top restaurants, hundreds of chic stores, sophisticated people-o.k. I'd hate a country home. ;)

  2. Abby ~ I hope you get to escape some time soon on that bright yellow bike! So lovely to meet you yesterday. I am looking forward to reading more of your blog.

  3. How perfectly charming! The only things that could make that country dream even more satisfying (for me anyway) would be listening to some Nina Simone records with a couple of glasses of scotch!

  4. I love the room that full of pictures and glass minors. The yellow all over the walls looks gorgeous.