Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Must have summer read...

If you're looking for a new summer read to throw in that straw beach bag, or organic-hemp-all-recycled-cotton-"I'm not a plastic bag"-farmers-market-tote, *whatever*, this is the newest release to add to your list.

Slept Away is about a New York City it-girl who gets sent to a rustic sleepaway camp and all things that ensue--a summer of being an outcast, going through Diet Coke withdrawal, and taking more than a few kickballs to the head.

Buy it here on Amazon, or better yet, go to your local Borders and ask incessantly for copies at the front desk.

Author Julie Kraut is a writer and blogger extraordinaire. Read past blog posts for her hilariously funny adventure on a solo trek through Africa.

If you're a DC local check here for a reading in your area. Chances are you'll see me roaming up and down the aisles telling random strangers that I know the author. Does that make me a book groupie?