Tuesday, May 12, 2009

A love letter to my pillow...

Dear Bed,
I feel that I've taken you for granted all these years. And now that you are safely packed up with packing tape and boxes, awaiting arrival at your new home, I finally appreciate the comfort and love that you have offered all those nights.

I'm sorry for all those times I selfishly tossed random handbags and shoes on you in a dizzying rush to get dressed in the mornings. How completely thoughtless of me to scatter chocolate chip cookie crumbs between your sheets.

I promise that I will change for you. When you return, I will have soft, pretty new sheets in your honor, and fluffy pillows with a fun, modern print. I will spend lots of time snuggled in your warmth (sorry, the dogs stay, they like to sleep under the covers). And I will never spill tea and cookies in you again while spending late nights catching up on blogs...ok, the tea and cookies will probably stay too, but I'll try to be tidy.

Yes, my dear bed, you will return to your very nice life soon, with freshly painted walls and a cozy new room. Until then, all my love.



  1. Love the pictures-especially the first Kate Spade ad.

  2. Your bed looks extremely soft. It looks like if you want on top of it. You would sink in and want to fall asleep right there.

    -Zane of ontario honey