Monday, May 11, 2009


Hello to all! After a whirlwind week, bouncing back from coast to coast for work travel, I'm back with my feet on the ground and catching up on all the blog activity (How did I miss the Domino Tag Sale, I'm devastated!). As I dig myself out from under a stack of emails and blog posts, I thought I'd leave you with a little taste of my week, courtesy of my camera phone.

I started out my week in Long Beach, CA. Even after spending my summers in SoCal during university, I had never been to Long Beach. I'm working on two large meetings out there this coming year, so I stopped in for a quick trip to take in the sights and sounds.

Any city that lets my little pups run around in the sand, is good enough for me! (Sidenote: I got a landslide of emails about the Dog Post from last week. We bloggers really love our dogs, huh! R&B are still visiting my parents, but I hope to have them back soon!)

My trip was filled with meeting after meeting, but some of them involved eating, so no complaints here. This is Parkers' Lighthouse, a "Long Beach Gem" according to the locals. They have an amazing 360 view of the city and water from the top floor bar.

I apparently grew up under a rock, because I stood there dumbfounded when my gracious tour guide was waxing on about the prestigious Queen Mary. The historic ocean liner (bigger than the Titanic) is now a floating hotel and special event site in the Long Beach harbor. The ghost tour is a particularly fun, but I was smitten with the planter boxes outside (Yes, I'm the girl who stands in front of a national treasure and gushes about the modern looking garden boxes-- gotta appreciate history, right).

Another space I toured, wouldn't work for what I needed, but still had a gorgeous bathroom. Come on now, admit it, how many of you have pictures of bathrooms...light fixtures...random architectural details on your camera phone. This is precisely what the camera phone was invented for, no?

One of the coolest parts of my job is scouting out hotels. While out west, I had the chance to tour a new boutique hotel opening soon in the Long Beach area called the Avia Hotel. When I think boutique hotel, I think...great hotel bar, and I don't think this one will disappoint. Champagne flights and chef tastings are in the works...I'll be staying here next time I'm in town!

The concept for the lobby level is "nature and texture." Many of the materials weren't installed yet, but there were stacks of beautiful dark brazillian woods flooring and natrual stone everywhere. And, I don't know why I love to wear hard hats so much, but I do.

This is the rooftop pool deck, which will be very cabana-esque, and one of the best views in the city when it's finished.
A couple of shots I grabbed from the website of what the property will look like when it's finished.
Continuing in my jet-setting, I ended my week a coast away in Florida. Not quite as hectic as my trip to Long Beach, I was able to slow down a little and enjoy some time in a cabana next to the hotel pool.
Cabanas and colorful drinks on a Friday's a hard life, I know.

I also ventured out in the city for a dinner at Emeril's restaurant, which was fantastic. I was highly skeptical going in, preparing myself for something overrated and underwhelming, but I was pleasantly surprised. The chef's tasting menu was a hit at our table.

Back on the homefront we've run into some delays with The Jewelbox. Sadly in the form of water gushing through our newly laid floors. You may have noticed the lack of pictures I promised were coming shortly. It wasn't as pretty when I got back, so you have to wait a little longer. Things should be back on track shortly. In the meantime, my things are stacked comfortably in a U-haul awaiting their new home.
Hope everyone had a great week! Looking forward to catching up on the happenings of Blog-Land soon!

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  1. Welcome back! I look forward to seeing you Saturday at the tea. Cute picture of you. ;)