Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Escape to South Beach

After a recent vacation, my friend Ann came back raving about the lobby of the Tides Hotel in South Beach, Miami. After browsing through the online photo gallery, I'm ready to pack my bags and head south myself.

I love that they were able to establish a light, beachy feel, while using vibrant saturated colors like the oranges and yellows.

I would happily let an evening slip away sipping cocktails at the Coral Bar inside the hotel.

These are the pictures Ann sent that prompted me loosing half and hour in their photo gallery. Look at those tortoise shells! Ann's favorite are the light fixtures. A very nice accent to the neutral room.
Those are geodes on the table that are used to anchor the napkins.


  1. It is all so wonderful-great post. I love the bed, the pink slipper chair, the tufted sofa, the zebra rug, everything!

  2. Can I come too? The last time we went to Miami (to see Madonna in concert --- she was amazing!) we stayed at a really stylish boutique hotel. I wish I remember the name of it. But the Tides Hotel is even better!


  3. Such a fantastic place, let's plan a trip!

  4. deadly post...the tortoise shells in the restaurant is such a cool and edgy touch...how very different too...