Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Dark Cabinets, Lighthearted

This morning as I was scrolling through my posts over a nice hot cup of tea, I whizzed past this one with my mouse and then screeched my little rollerball to a halt and sped back (*Add your own sound effects here!*).

La Dolce Vita did a great post this morning on dark kitchen cabinets and I have been thinking about this particular image all day. Yes, we already know which side of the fence I solidly stand on in terms of white cabinets, but even with the dark wood and floors this room feels so light and airy to me.

The boxy lines of the light fixture, the X-braced island, the industrial stove....my knees are weak.

Image via Farmhouse Modern, found on La Dolce Vita


  1. I always thought I was a white cabinet person but these days, I'm all about the dark!

  2. It's amazing how light this space is - and how the cabinets completely disappear into the background. Love the beams.

  3. I tend to like opposite ends of the spectrum in cabinets-either white or black (or dark) like these. Not so much with the in between woods.

  4. Never mind the cabinet. I love the room.