Monday, March 23, 2009

Won't You Be Mine?

As I was flipping through the latest InStyle this weekend, this little side Ad caught my attention. Time Inc. (sponsored by Lexus) if offering a totally free, totally personalized magazine, made up of articles chosen from it's most popular titles. After the battering my poor magazines have taken in this recession, that was all I needed to click right on over to to investigate.
You pick from 5 of their titles and answer some "seemingly random" personality questions, and in just a few short weeks your own issue of 'Mine' arrives right to you inbox or mailbox (you choose). Stay tuned, we'll see what arrives.

P.S. These are the seemingly random questions that help them create your personal reading selection. What if I'm a chocaolate craving, car singer who wants to learn to speak french and have dinner with George Clooney? Huh, Time Inc...what do I get then?

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