Thursday, March 12, 2009

White Cabinets...Love 'em or Hate 'em

I've come upon my first design dilemma for The JewelBox Project (yes, your calculations are correct, this is day 2 of the project). After a shopping trip to Sweden's gift to America, I've narrowed down my cabinet choices to two. Actually it's one cabinet in two different colors-white and medium brown. So here is the dilemma:

White Cabinets: Love 'em or Hate 'em???

Now personally, I fall solidly and squarely in the Love 'em category, maybe a little too obsessively even. But I understand that there are some who do not sing these same praises. And it has been my belief that people either really love them....or really don't. And even though this will be my Jewelbox, it won't be mine forever. So as much as this is a selfish design project, it also has to have rentability down the road. Decisions, decisions.....but I think I'm leaning towards the white. (sorry medium brown, no hard feelings)

I'm also pondering the two categories of white cabinetry I have saved in the Idea Folders: White with light countertops vs. White with dark countertops.

Leading the charge for the white on white category:
This unidentified pic I've had saved forever

And in the white on dark corner:

This one is more of a stumper, as I love them both. I guess the internal debate will continue...for a few more days at least.


  1. Oh, we will be renovating and I am dreaming of a white kitchen with wood. I love that "shelter image" take a look at zen habits, there is a site showing great spaces, and simple white kitchens. 30elm?

  2. Thanks! I'll definitely look into zen habits. I'm so torn though, white vs. non white in a rental?