Thursday, March 5, 2009

Travelin' in Style

Remember when traveling was a high style affair? Yeah, neither do I. But I hear stories from my world traveling grandparents about jet-setting off to Europe years ago, when it would be the most fashionable affair of your year.

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Nobody does modern travel like Micheal Kors. I swear he looks like he just stepped off a private jet, when he rolls out of bed in the morning.

I'm on the road for work this week and while I'm not exactly in the private jet/personal driver category there are some essentials that I like to take along. Channeling my inner MK (Michael not MaryKate), my Kors trench coat travels with me everywhere I go.


Pretty, brightly colored cosmetics cases make your hotel bathroom look good and make things easier to find when rummaging around in your bag in an airport bathroom. I love these fushia and gold cases from Sephora.

I carry on whenever possible, and this Jelly Bean Trolley would be a fantastic update to my basic black rolley. And when I do have to check, this would be easy to spot on the carousel.
I'm the person who sits next to the window, only to close the shades and fall asleep much to the dismay of passengers next to me who want to gaze at the clouds. (hence my preference for aisle seats). Earplugs are an essential, and I'm thinking about investing in one of these sleep masks.
Makeup pallets never do it for me in my everyday life. There is always one color I end up digging the last bits out with a q-tip and others that go untouched. But for traveling, I think they are a lifesaver. This one from Sonia K. from Target is inexpensive, and basic colors, and really all you need.
I'm a recent convert to the OPI Nic's Sticks. For some reason painted nails=pulled together in my mind. Yet, my nails are never painted because it's just too much trouble. Not with these pens, you can do it in a snap. I use the light colors, so precision is not totally mandatory. (My secret: I keep one in my car and take a few minutes to put a coat on when I get in. By the time I get to work, my nails are dry and I wasn't standing around waiving my hands in the air)
The marketing brain powers at Sephora have put together an Airline Approved Beauty section. Travel sizes of your favorite products mean you don't have to worry about mixing up your moisturizer and and your conditioner in those generic travel bottles and packing is a breeze.Multipurpose everything is key when you have to haul your personal goods with you. Think evening bag as jewelry case kind of packing style. Cheek stain that I repurpose as lip stain works miracles when you look all blotchy stepping off a plane.
This never leaves my side when I'm away from home. What is it about traveling that just sucks the moisture out of every inch of your skin. Slather this everywhere.
I always travel with a candle because many hotel rooms smell less than fresh. I try to pick on is a small tin that is very fragrant, so you can have the good smell without having to light it.

Everyone has great travel quirks and tips that keep them sane while having strangers plumage through your personal belongings. Here are some of the best I've collected:
  • Fill your hotel bathtub up with hot water before you go to bed and leave the bathroom door open to add moisture to always dry air.
  • These days all hotels have hair dryers and they're almost always good enough to get the job done for a week. I have a curling iron/flat iron combo for easy packing that I take instead.
  • Wrap=scarf=blanket=bedcover. There is no better multipurpose travel item
  • You never need as much as you think you do. Less options force you to mix and match in ways you would at home.
Anyone have any good tips to add to the list?

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