Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Style Dictionary: Orglamic

Orglamic: adjective--Mixing organic elements with glamorous touches to produce a laid-back, I woke up looking this fabulous, aesthetic

I take absolutely no credit for this one, but I found myself trying to work the word into all kinds of conversations yesterday, so I had to post it. Cassandra over at Coco + Kelley is the brain trust behind this little gem. She's redoing her office and used an Orglamic look for one of her inspiration boards (see above photo).

Here's my round up of Orglamic images from the masters of mixing high and low at our beloved Domino: Rough, stacked bricks mixed with silvery mirrors and light fixtures is totally orglamic. Anything that involves showering outside under the star light is just about as orglamic as you can get!
Actual organics mixed with glamor also qualifies...


  1. Now I know what I've been missing! Finally, I can describe the style which I love... wonder if we could mix a little modern chic into that word. hmmm

  2. OMG, this outdoor shower looks rad. Is this from a resort?
    I'll definitely dream about it when the next heat wave crashes here!

  3. Sharon, the shower was featured in a Domino issue a while back about how to build your own outdoor shower. Oh, to have the build a shower without any walls!

  4. Could that shower be anymore fantastic? SWOON!