Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Orange You Glad this Color is So Great

It seems that anyone who is anyone has been running out to stock up on anything yellow these days. And while I'm completely on board with the sunshine trend, there is something so timelessly fresh about orange that is not to be overlooked.

It's no coincidence that a timeless company like Hermes would be synonymous with this rich, vibrant hue. A big lacquered tray not only turns this ottoman into a fully functioning coffee table, it brings a pop of color to this neutral room.

source unknown

Too shy for a big orange commitment? Pillows and accessories are all the color you need. A little can go a long way.
source unknown

Orange is a workhorse of a color. Not only does it mesh nicely with blues and greens. It also looks pulled together and cheery with similar colors like yellows and pinks.
sources unknown

Oh and how could I forget about orange and chocolate brown. Both of these bedrooms are a perfect example of how mixing the colors with some crisp white makes for a cozy sanctuary.

All above images from Domino

Hands down the #1 best orange home accessory has to be random Hermes boxes stacked up high. If only I could afford things that came in Hermes boxes, this would be a possibility.
Domino, Domino and more Domino

Still more Domino

Orange at the dinner table is not just for Thanksgiving. From chairs to china to tablesettings, all of these make me swoon.
Belle Maison

Who doesn't love this orange label on their table!

J Chew Porcelain

I think my next dinner party is going to have an orange and turquoisey blue tablescape.
Align LeftDavid Jimenez

You too can get yourself a slice of the..um..orange. With spring right around the corner (despite the snow piled up on my doorstep), there is orange galore in the stores.
The Olivia Sofette from Pottery Barn (on sale now!)

Tea Garde Toile bedding also from Pottery Barn (and also on clearance)


  1. I've been loving pops of orange so much lately. We have an orange side table but I'm craving more. We'll see what the hubby thinks.

  2. Orange has been "my" color for a while now. This is such a great roundup!

  3. I really like the orange bunk bed. Your like me you love bunk beds.

    -Zane of ontario honey