Tuesday, March 10, 2009

The Jewelbox Project

I have an exciting new project about to get underway. In just 6 short weeks some handy friends and I, with a little bit of help from the pros, will take an unfinished English Basement and turn it into a Jewelbox Apartment just for me. It will be a special place all my own at a rare opportunity in my life to be completely selfish with my home design. No one else's taste to consider, no shared furniture to mix and match together, just a sanctuary all my own. You'll be hearing lots more about this project in the weeks to come, but I thought I would start off the way many of us do, with the pictures that I've torn out and earmarked as inspiration:

As soon as I saw this image in Domino a few months ago, I knew that it would be a main inspiration for a little jewelbox home of my own. Girly enough to feel completely my own, but not fru-fruy, which is just not me.

I pulled many kitchen pictures to give me ideas, but this is one of my favorites. I love the crisp white and the kitchen block island. In the jewelbox kitchen I'm thinking of doing similar cabinetry and counters as this, but using an old-salvaged farm table with a big butcher block top as an island. I also think the big mirror is genius!


The Jewelbox may be precious, but it will also be small, so space saving techniques will be in need. I love the idea of hiking the cabinets up a little and adding a shelf right at eye level. Erika always has the best ideas!

Urban Grace

A skinny built in shelf perfect for barware makes for a cocktail ready kitchen 24/7.

Shiny lacquered interior french doors will make my little Jewelbox feel like a palace.
Top: Nate Berkus in O, Bottom: Domino

Big drum shaped light fixtures will make my kitchen feel in no way, ho-hum.
A little dining nook can be carved out anywhere with a tulip table and benches. They can also be moved around the apartment for easy seating when entertaining.

You can't have a jewelbox apartment without a very luxe closet. Mine will be on a considerably smaller scale than this, but inspiration is about dreaming big.
Both above images from Domino

I've decided that a traditional bath vanity is just not for me. So I need something that offers a little bit of storage space (or at least space to put a nice basket), but still feels like a luxe hotel bathroom.
Top: Domino, Bottom: Elle Decor

What would you do if you were starting from scratch and creating something just for you?


  1. How exciting! "The Jewelbox Project" - I love it. If it turns out anything like these photos, it's going to be lovely. Good luck!

  2. show us the finished jewel, sure to be a pearl of a place! love all your inspiration.

  3. Thanks! You'll be hearing much more about the project in the months to come. How exciting to develop a project all for yourself.

  4. just discovered your blog. how exciting to decorate from scratch! i look forward to seeing what your place evolves into.

    i'm in the same boat - decorating my first apartment too! feel free to check out my blog :)

  5. I love the look on your little ones face in the kitchen. I also like the look of your dog in the picture. Both have priceless looks on their face.s