Friday, March 13, 2009

Eat and Smile

We got just a little taste of spring this week and it has me longing for the Farmers Markets to be in full swing in the weeks and months to come. While we're lucky to have year round markets available here in DC, nothing comes close to spring and summer mornings spent at the market.
I have a strategy: I like to bring a big travel mug and buy some pastries to munch on while I make a lap around the market and survey the goods for the day. Must buys every week for me are: fresh made baguettes, flower, flowers and more flowers, fresh mozzarella and tomatoes. I always try to buy something each week that I don't usually cook with, and challenge myself to see what I can come up with.

Market photos from Flickr: Here, Here and Here

I'm also looking forward to the resurrection of my favorite Farmers Market Blog. Local Chef, Oliver Friendly, runs Eat & Smile, catering and teaching in home cooking lessons, focused on locally grown and sustainable food. Each week the blog features his buys from the market and recipes to use up his goods.

Photo via Eat & Smile

I have it on good authority that the in home cooking lessons from Chef Friendly are amazing. This year a friend surprised her husband with an Thai cooking lesson for his birthday. So if you're in the local area, definitely check out the website.

And these market totes from Esty seller, Go Monkey Design, would make me the talk of the town square. I can't decide between the stripes a la french provincial, or the bright pink toile. Both look great with the rustic burlap handles.


  1. Oh, this excites me for our Farmers Market too. I have a bright market tote that everyone always asks where did I find it! It is a red and white large print and folds flat. I will post it when I make my trip to the Market. Lots of goodies here, thanks for sharing and for popping over today.
    Happy weekend!

  2. Ooo..I can't wait to see pics of the market tote. I'm always on the lookout. It's heave competition at my market for the most stylish tote award each week.