Thursday, March 19, 2009

Book Club Wrap-up

Last night I hosted a fabulous group of ladies for our monthly book club get together (btw, I've heard that some of you out there have magazine clubs...I want one of those! How do yours run?). We dished up some food and sat down to dish about our latest read: Loving Frank. I like to know very little about a book before I pick it up, so all I'll say is that it's a captivating love story about a woman wrapped up in an affair with Frank Lloyd Wright.
Can't hurt to have a little cocktail before we start. This one is a Limoncello Sparkler (limoncello and champagne garnished with cranberry)

After dinner we enjoyed little milk and cookie plates to munch on while we got down to our discussion. Chocolate dipped Oreos make the quickest dessert on earth feel fancy.
I know Wright for all of his large, famous, structures but reading the book I really realized that I didn't have any kind of working knowledge about the homes that he constructed during his life and what a pioneer he was in recognizing that our homes and the surrounding nature interconnect to affect how we live in the structure. Here are some of the homes from his portfolio:

Much of the book takes place in the home that Wright constructed for himself in the area of Wisconsin where his family has lived for generations. And quickly becoming my new favorite trend, naming your house, this is Taliesin:


  1. I love Frank Lloyd Wright! A women's book club night, how fun! I agree that having a magazine night is great idea - never thought to do it with magazines :)

    Karen O.

  2. Nice post! I'm going to have to pick that book up. I don't know if you're into documentaries, but if you liked the architectural aspects of the book you might enjoy "My Architect". It's kind of somber but there is lots of scandal and it's eye opening rnonetheless.

  3. Thanks! I'll definitely check that out. I also just realized there was a Frank Lloyd Wright house nearby me in Northern VA. I think I'm going to make a little pilgrimage. Stay tuned!

  4. Abby, just came across your fantastic blog via some other DC blog..... glad to know there are so many of us!

    Your book club sounds awesome! I have a great book that I found in a little shop in W.V., "The Future of Architecture" by Frank Lloyd Wright 1953. He seems ridiculously sexist. BUT, he was absurdly genius.

  5. hi there - i came across your blog courtesy of domicidal maniac....loved the frank lloyd wright post...he's an inpiration to me, both in his works and in his theorys...loved the picture of the outdoor area, all the sporadic blues and greens are oh so vibrant and of the current trend dont you think...great blog, i look forward to checking in again...

  6. Scott, all the true geniuses seem to be so full of themselves, no? Do you think if I acted like that too, people would just assume I was a genius, ha!

  7. falling in love with your blog, so nice to meet you last night! I have this book on my wishlist but knew very little about it -would you recommend it then?