Monday, March 16, 2009

365 Days in the Blink of an Eye

Today is a bit of a celebration. One year ago a little brown ball of energy came into my life and it's been a nonstop riot ever since. A little dog with the big name, Roxy Muggle the Puggle, bats her eyes and tilts her head and the world bows down to her feet.
This is the first day I had Roxy (notice the unhappy look, ugly collar and extra 5 pounds, we fixed all that, don't worry). Roxy is a rescue dog and spent the first few weeks scared to death of every shadow and slight breeze. It took a few months for Roxy to bloom, but bloom she did into one of the happiest, most joy filled dogs I have ever met.
Every single day Roxy makes me laugh out loud from some kind of silly antic. Her happiness is infectious and you cannot help but appreciate the simple things that bring her so much joy.
Roxy also likes to help with the decorating...
Just one of the many funny faces Roxy will give you that make you keel over with laughter.
Roxy went on her first vacation this summer to the Jersey Shore and made some fast friends at the beach.
Roxy is currently schooling Boston in the art of the "sad face."
To my little brown eyed girl with the endlessly waging tail, thank you for a year's worth of laughter.


  1. P.S. That was the human version of Roxy's birthday cake, but the frosted dog bone just wasn't as photogenic.