Thursday, February 5, 2009

A Waterfront Wedding

A few months ago I attended the wedding of two friends in the quaint, historic town of Yorktown, Virginia. Many of the DC guests shacked up waterfront at the Duke of York hotel and headed to the local pub to start the weekend. Like any good event, this wedding was all in the details.
Nathalie and I enjoyed some local beer and fried seafood.
The wedding was held outside overlooking the water with a reception immediately following at the Riverwalk Landing Freight Shed (much more posh than the name lets on).
Who needs dates when you have 4 friends, one road trip, and a waterside view.
A local artist turned a favorite photo into a unique piece of art for the cover of the program.
The November wedding was a beautiful combination of rich orange , green and yellow tones.
Groups of vases with a single type of flower were chic, modern centerpieces. Bubbles filled the reception hall during the cocktail hour.
Hands down, the best wrap job I've ever seen.
After dinner, the ceremony tent was transformed into a dance party. And like any good wedding guests, we dutifully took home the centerpieces!


  1. Taken by a pro (i.e. not the actual hired professional who was shamed into getting off his behind and do some work)!

  2. I love weddings. Always such happy times. The local beer looks super yummy.