Thursday, February 26, 2009

A fresh coat of paint is all you need in life

Remember the renovation preview from a while ago? Well it's ready for the big unveil. A good friend was looking for a fresh look in her living room. With her amazing person style, I knew this was going to be a fun project and would turn out spectacularly. So in a couple of shopping trips and one long weekend, we went from this.......

Gillian and her beau, Boe this!

Gillian had never liked the color of the brick on her fireplace and wanted the biggest makeover we could do with minimal construction and time commitment. So, we crossed our fingers, picked up the paint brushes and dove into to transforming the fireplace.

We sourced existing art, prints, family photos and travel souvenirs from around the house to create a new spread on the mantel, and then just mixed and matched until it felt right. It really came together when we mixed in the black and white photos with the more traditional artwork.

We were lucky enough to hit up the Target Home Design event during the sale period and score this garden stool with a Chinese pattern in a cheery color. The existing zebra covered chair stayed because it was a personal favorite, and really zebra is a neutral!

We also pulled up the existing mosaic tile in front of the fire place and replaced it with sleek, black granite that makes the whole room glow in the firelight.

Gillian and Boe are both avid travelers and adventurers and have brought back pieces from all over the globe. Stacking the travel pieces around the room bring in pops of color and make for good stories during cocktail parties.

We used Behr Warm Glow paint on the walls. As a big believer in the name of your paint having some significance in the room, this seemed like a perfect option. It was also light enough to make the room feel completely different, but vibrant enough to stand up to the other saturated colors throughout the rest of the house.

A low wooden coffee table allows for a constant rotating display of personal objects.

A console table behind the couch doubles as an entryway table for keys and such, and also make a nice spot for some fresh tulips, perfect for this spring ready room.

A large cabinet conceals tv and electronic equipment and allows for artwork to lean up against the wall adding height to the room. Even the cats love the zebra chair!

A combination of hanging and leaning of pieces keeps the mixture interesting and allows for easy rotation.
Ms. Maya loves her new living room!

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