Tuesday, February 10, 2009

For the party planner in you

If you're like me, whenever you have a party, be it a simple movie night or a full on dinner party, you end up with lists scratched on the back of receipts, sticky notes scribbled with menu ideas, or random scraps of paper with sketches of tablescapes. (No, you don't have these things? Well, you should). That's why today I'm lusting after the Entertaining Book from Graphic Images.

A pretty place to organize all your ideas, lists and place settings. And how cool to have an ongoing record of all your soirees. (What, you're not falling over yourself with excitement yet? Well, you should be). It even comes with a quick reference section for all your last minute etiquette emergencies. (What, you don't have these emergencies? Well, you need to throw more parties).

Believe me, you'll thank me someday.

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