Monday, February 2, 2009

A Day in the Life

Apparently Roxy and Boston have throngs of adoring fans, because I've had a few requests for more of them. Here is a day in the plush and exciting life of R&B. Morning starts off with a stroll around the neighborhood, sometimes with friends.
While R. bounds out of bed as soon as the alarm rings, B. would be more content to snuggle under the covers a while longer. Not a morning person, he stumbles around the block long enough to mark his spot and wait patiently for R., so he can return to his favorite spot on the sofa for a snooze.
The yard offers endless hours of amusement with the wooded tree line always full of birds and sticks.
R. collects a stick during the morning walk to bring back to the yard. She starts out with one stick and then leaves it behind as she finds bigger and bigger ones, until she's practically dragging a branch down the road towards home.
Occasionally she shares with B., but only occasionally as she worked hard carrying that stick all the way home.
When the yard gets dull, R&B head inside where an insane amount of toys await them.
A favorite activity is a trip to the local dog park for a quick romp around the wood chips.
The chase is on, and no other dog stands a chance against these two when an orange frisbee is involved.
B. is more interested in making friends with the other dog owners at the park, often playing up so much sympathy that the other owners stare at me like I starve and deprive them of any enjoyment in life.
Trips to friends houses are common place, and usually involve a little gift. Every girl needs a little animal print in her collection, and R. is no exception.
B. prefer the classics, a yellow ball will do just fine.
R&B conspire together to revolt against the rules of the house and are relegated to the dog bed to think about what they've done.
Always waiting patiently when you come in the door, R. likes to see how far she can push her body through the stair railings before you can get your coat off and say hello to her.
An afternoon nap in the sun rounds out the day before one more stroll around the neighborhood and a light supper. R&B have picked this spot for the perfect vantage point to keep and eye on all the happenings of the yard.
A little tv and playtime after dinner, before settling in for the evening
And off to bed they go, tucked under the covers and stretched out to dream of summer vacations to come at the beach.

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  1. They are ADORABLE. I have two dogs too and I don't know who has it cushier. Let's just say I'd trade places with any of them!